Brilliant ideas, great solutions, 

successful products.

As a full-service development partner, TEGEMA offers you a wider scope and new opportunities through close co-operation. Our people ask the right questions, remain critical and point out new possibilities. We want to take your ideas to the next level - and far beyond.

Our varying multidisciplinary teams never travel the same road twice. By constantly challenging their creativity this results in the best solutions for clients. Thinking ‘out of the box’ keeps our minds fresh, which leads to innovative applications and products.

Our teams have decades of experience to share in project-oriented product and system development, for established firms, startups and spinoffs. Whenever necessary, we work closely with our network of specialist companies and institutes.


TEGEMA develops, innovates and realises products, processes and systems, from idea to a functional model, prototype or pre-production series.  We can take care of production, assembly, tooling, test equipment, realisation and commissioning. 


Our technicians are take on the most complex and challenging client questions and work on their own projects, which together forms our technology roadmap, tune to trends and market demand.

We keep a close eye on your business case and potential markets, acting as an extension of your R&D department. TEGEMA shares your dreams and - literally - turns them into realities, in the shape of advanced, functionality-based, highly successful products. We believe these shouldn’t just do what they were originally intended to... We introduce new angles, new insights and new possibilities in your current markets - as well as markets you hadn’t even considered. 

TEGEMA makes even more of your initial idea...

TEGEMA widens your scope!