Oerlikon Balzers Benelux



Oerlikon Balzers is the leading global

supplier of PVD coatings which

improve the performance and service

lives of precision components as well 

as metalworking and plastics 

processing tools. These proprietary coatings developed by Oerlikon Balzers and marketed under the BALINIT® brand are extremely thin and very hard.


BALINIT® coatings show added value  

in following applications: 

-Cutting tools (new or reconditioned)

-Punching and forming tools, die casting and plastic moulds

-Components in general engineering applications 

Online coating-guide is available. This guide enables the users to determine the right coating for his specific application :



- New weekly extra coating solutions in Benelux : Topping, a high-end post treatment of your cutting tool coatings,pre- and postpolishing and/or advanced service for punching and forming tools.

- Latest developed coatings like :

BALINIT® LATUMA, BALINIT® PERTURA are now weekly available.

- Full range of BALINIT® DIAMOND

CLASSIC or PLUS coating dedicated for graphite/composite machining, short delivery time.

ADVANCED Series : Good times for    round edges


Punching and forming tools as well as pressure die-casting moulds are exposed to complex stress profiles, particularly in edge zones. Moreover, significant stress gradients occur between the surface and the remaining volume of the tool.  


Advantages of  BALINIT® ADVANCED:

- Improved coating adhesion

- Higher load bearing capacity

- Greater resistance to abrasive wear

- Less tendency to heat checking

- Greater resistance to crack initiation and propagation

- Optimized critical load

- Tool service life 100% prolonged


PPD™ (Pulse Plasma Diffusion) process


Wear protection for large tools in cast iron and steel.

40 years' experience in the industrialisation of plasma processes and the close collaboration with press shops in the automotive industry gave the desire to develop improved treatment concepts for large press tools.


We succeeded in making high quality outer skin tools, more wear resistant, more reliable and more productive. This markedly improves part quality and the availability of the press.


PVD optimised components for practical use 




Whether engines or drive trains, oil pumps or brakes, headlights or rims, bodywork or interior: in modern motor cars, trucks and motor cycles there is hardly anything, in manufacture or in operation, where BALINIT® is not involved. In no other branch of industry have BALINIT®-coated tools and components become so quickly and universally accepted as in automotive industry.



The solution of wear problems affecting aircraft components begins with the exact analysis of mating surfaces, including all the participating ambient influences.

This provides insight into the frictional and wear mechanisms that have occurred and caused the failure of a component. Within the portfolio of BALINIT® hard coatings with various properties, there is often one treatment of the component surface that provides the most efficient solution.