INNPLATE BV, located near Eindhoven in the Netherlands, is an independent consultancy and engineering company. Our engineers and researchers are specialized in surface technology. Our goal is to be the best and specialized partner in the field of electrochemical surface technology.

Our own engineering team develops and customizes specific processes. We have experience in treating almost all materials. As the market for more dedicated / sophisticated layers grows, we offer all the different processes, knowledge, techniques and test facilities you need for research, development and production.


Key competences are electro deposition / plating, electroforming, anodizing, etching, chemical milling, chemical treatment, cleaning and coatings.

  • Contract R&D - wafer plating, mastering & replicating, (micro) moulds, MID, plating on plastic, PV/solar, medical devices, rapid manufacturing, membrane technology
  • Consultancy & engineering - product or process development, project management, relocation, specifications, training & education and trouble shooting
  • Outsourcing - your equipment at our facilities
  • Analysis and testing - fully equipped lab for surface treatment processes
  • Pilot scale production - up to tanks of 500 liters, most electrochemical processes and techniques directly available, commercial and from literature
  • Supply of tools, equipment and software - experimenting and simulation
  • Environmental issues – regeneration, extraction or refining of process liquids