The Tromp Group develops and produces integrated systems and best-in-class technology for the bakery industry worldwide. With this unit equipment we enhance the quality and efficiency of your bakery line and supply complete solutions for sheeted breads, cakes, muffins, pizzas, pastry & laminated doughs, pies and waffles.

Tromp Group is a Markel Food Group company. Together with leading brands AMF Bakery Systems and Reading bakery Systems, the Group offers a wide and growing portfolio of automated food production solutions. 

Tromp Group customers worldwide, can count on the international know-how and local support of the Markel Food Group


Tromp Group consists of two brands: Tromp Sheeting & Depositing Systems and Den Boer Baking Systems.

Den Boer Baking Systems designs, produces and sells custom made industrial tunnel ovens and handling systems for the global baking industry.


  The production range:

  • MultiBake® D (direct heated
  • MultiBake® I (impingement) 
  • MultiBake® R (radiant) 
  • MultiBake® H (hybrid) 
  • MultiBake® HT (high temp.)
  • Greasing
  • Storage
  • Cleaning
  • Depanning
  • Cooling/Proofing
  • Unloading
  • Ovenloader


The Tromp Group Test Center helps customers develop the highest quality products using the most innovative technologies and the industry's most reliable bakery equipment.


The test center features a climate-controlled environment to match the local factory environment.