About us

Northbridge New Material Technology is an FDM & SLA material manufacturer and 3D printing solution provider.


Business scope

We offer more than 34 types of filaments and High-strength resin for SLA/DLP. The product line has three categories: basic, professional and enterprise. 

Material development is focused on biodegradable, high-intensity, lightweight, low VOC and special functional materials which can be applied in the 3D printing industry.

In addition, we:

  •  Provide 3D printing material solutions for various industries 
  • Customize special colors & materials on demand
  • Manufacture white label products for resellers


As one of the largest professional FDM manufacturers in the world, we on average produce 50,000 kg worth of materials per month, with sales of 2.15 million Euros in 2017. This is all made possible by our facilities and passionate team:

  • Ten production lines for filament manufacturing
  • Two R&D center labs, with each lab having more than 30 of the world’s most sought 3D printers for filament printing test. In addition, it has equipment for material testing, research and new product innovation
  •  Batch master processing facilities for color customizing service
  • Independent pallets compounding department 
  • Facility for quality control, with a moisture rate of 0.02% and tolerance of ± 0.02mm

 Branding and cooperation

Our partner brand, Hatchbox, already has a high reputation and is the top seller on Amazon in North America for back-to-back years. With the successes achieved in the United States, our goal is to explore new horizons, having already begun stepping into other markets. 

Our filament brand, Kexcelled, is fast growing in popularity with new users in European countries. A big step in its commitment was through the opening of a sales and marketing office in the Netherlands in 2016. With our warehouse close to one of the largest harbors in Europe, we are able to effectively deliver our products to our customers throughout the European market.

Besides this, we also work for many other filament brands and 3d printer companies in the world. The most notable brands include: LUV, Natureworks, Wanhao, and raise3d. 

Our team

It is an up-and-coming and fast-growing company, founded in 2013, with currently 40 eager and passionate staff.