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About us

Babtec: innovative software for quality. Since 1994, manufacturing companies in every sector of industry and of all sizes have been relying on our Quality Management Software. They appreciate its usability, superior technology, and Babtec's sustainability. Today, more than 2,000 companies use our solution BabtecQ to guarantee their quality planning, quality assurance, and quality management – so that millions of consumers worldwide receive superb products of the highest standard. We provide software for companies in 28 countries around the world.

We are one of the leading providers of Quality Management Software. Babtec's success is based on developing its TQM products to suit the market's needs, on the expertise of its staff, and its close cooperation with its customers and ERP partners. Through its innovations Babtec has had a decisive impact on Quality Management Technology.

Our Expertise

You profit from our QM-Software, from project analysis up to the installation and subsequent system maintenance. We provide our services to medium-sized enterprises and company groups from a wide variety of industry sectors. Such as:

Our Quality-Supply-Chain Solution

According to the PDCA-Cycle, our solution covers all areas of quality management and supports your continuous improvement process. You plan the process (Plan), optimize the concept (Do), check the process flow (Check) and implement the new requirements efficiently in your company (Act). The modules can communicate with each other and provide quality-related data throughout the manufacturing cycle.

We offer a complete solution that is integrated in one single software package. The modular structure  allows you to use the exact modules that you need for your area of ​​application. Regardless of whether it is SPC, FMEA, Maintenance or Audit Management – we provide the right solution for your Quality Management. Our software can be connected to your existing ERP-System, as well as to custom solutions. We also offer individual demonstrations of our software in your workspace environment.