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    Emitting of light

We offer a wide variety of lasers: from the deep UV to FIR wavelength ranges; from reasonable simple diode, to ultra-fast Femto second lasers.

 • Helium-Neon (He-Ne) lasers

• Argon-Ion (Ar-Ion) lasers

• Diode Pumped Solid State lasers

• Intercavity DPSS lasers

• LDM-XT laser diode module(s)

• Multi Colour Laser Systems

• Nano second intercavity laser

• picosecond intercavity laser

• Water free, diode pumped laser

• Free-beam and fiber coupled DPSS

Laser safety

• Laser safety eyewear based on all available technologies

• Coatings on glass and plastic filters

• Absorbing glass and plastic filters

• Mineral glass laser safety windows

• Large area acrylic or plastic laser protection windows

•Laser safety curtains, slats and barriers

Precision Lighting Solutions

We offer a wide range of parabolic and elliptical reflectorized Lamps
    Manipulating light

Optical components
Our complete assortment of optical-components enables you to find solutions for various (laser) applications.

Fiber optics

Fiber Optics, from single- & multimode fibers to dedicated to customer specification build cables and or fiber delivery systems.

Opto-mechanical components

We offer a wide range of precision opto-mechanics: from optical tables and breadboards to smaller opto-mechanical components, like optical rails, translation stages, optical mounts or posts.


We offer a wide range of opto-electronical components, such as:

• Acousto- optics and acousto optics modulators

 •Acousto-optic deflectors

• Pulse pickers

• Q-switches

• Pockels Cells for applications in wavelengths from the UV to the IR and the drivers

Nonlinear and Laser Crystals

A complete line of nonlinear optical crystals for different frequency conversion applications.

    Detecting light

We offer a wide range of spectrometers for Scientific, Industrial & OEM, i.e.:

•FT-NIR, (handheld) Raman spectroscopy

•LIBS, absorption, fluorescence, NIR/SWIR and luminescence spectroscopy.

Light metrology

A full range of Light Measurement tools, from relatively simple handmeters to in-line LED inspection systems, from DUV-IR.


• Interferometry: The measurement of lengths, angles, vibrations and other measured categories, with the highest resolution and precision.

• Our Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensors offer complete solutions for precise metrology of optical systems and lasers.

• We provide quality solutions for laser power and energy measurement applications.


We offer solutions, i.e. for: EUV, X-ray and low-light level imaging.


We can provide you with a large range of detectors, i.e. PSD, InGaAs, silicon, etc