Educating the Engineers of the Future


University Racing Eindhoven (URE) stands for technological innovation, teamwork and a passion for engineering. By competing in the Formula Student competition, the world's largest engineering design competition, we try to push ourselves and our cars to new limits! Using a combination of the engineering skills of all the members and some help from our dear partners, we are able to build a high-tech revolutionary electric (and autonomous) Formula-style race car every year. 

During the Formula Student events, all over the world, the result of our hard work will be put to the test. The drive for being the very best comes from a passion for engineering deep within every one of our team members, resulting in something epic, year after year. However the events aren't only about winning, they are also a perfect place to share information with other teams and technological companies to develop new ideas.

Overall, URE is a great place to gain experience in designing, manufacturing and tuning the race cars of the future and being a team player in an environment of highly motivated engineering students.


Formula Student is the world's largest design competition for students, with competitions being held all over the globe every year. Formula Student traces its roots back to Formula SAE, which was founded in 1981 in Texas. The focus of the competition is on the design process of the car, promoting clever problem-solving and well-organized teams, resulting in the engineers of the future.

In 1998, Formula SAE came to Europe, with Formula Student being held in the UK. Now, 20 years later, the competition has spread all over the world. Over 700 teams worldwide compete in Formula Student every year. The competition has grown larger than its original concept, with the teams now being judged not only on their speed, but also their construction practices, financial planning, team structure, and sales arguments.

URE is the longest existing student team of the TU/e. We have been participating in Formula Student for over a decade, the world's largest engineering competition filled with top universities, and every year we design, build, test and race a new electric, and now autonomous, race car. 

Last year, we built the URE14D/E, an autonomous race car, that can also be driven by a driver. What sets us apart is that we like challenges. We built the first electric race car of the Benelux, and now the first autonomous race car of the Benelux. This way, we keep challenging ourselves. 

Our project is made possible entirely by our partners. Some support us financially, while others supply us with components, materials or services. Every single one of them helps us to achieve our goals and enables us to keep innovating.