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Products & Service

Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities in precision Motion!

PI is the world's leading provider of nanopositioning products and high-end motion systems. All key technologies are developed, manufactured and qualified in-house by PI: Piezo components, actuators and motors, magnetic drives, guiding systems, nanometrology sensors, electronic amplifiers, digital controllers and software.


Technology is not our only strength. Even more important are all the people working for and with PI. Permanent improvement of the workflow, flat hierarchies, short paths and direct communication, both internally and with our customers, form a very good basis.


... for customer- and application-specific product developments. That is the basis for success at PI.

Service and Consultancy
... at PI this starts with a preliminary informative discussion and continues well beyond delivery of the products.


... for effective and convenient operating solutions. The name Motion Control stands for software from Physik Instrumente.



Applications & Markets


PI positioning systems are employed where technology is pushed forward in industry and research. This is done, for example, in semiconductor manufacturing, in medical engineering, in biotechnology, in plant engineering, in surface metrology, or in astronomy.


Maximum positioning accuracy is now obligatory in many application areas. Semiconductor manufacturing, microscopy, surface measurement technology, biotechnology, medical engineering and automation technology often require positioning systems with resolutions and repeatability in the nanometer range. Add to this the requirements for short response times, vacuum-compatible design and function over a wide temperature range.

 Know-How & Technology


PI combines its long-term experience in micro and nanopositioning technology with in-depth knowledge in the fields of mechanics, electronics, sensor engineering and software. Thus, PI is able to offer its customers the most advanced drive technologies and system solutions.

Taking the leading role in precision positioning means to convert knowledge and experience into technologies and products which approach the limits of what is physically possible. Only in this way, we can offer our customers a technological range which is unrivaled in the world.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you!