Oerlikon Balzers Benelux


Oerlikon Balzers is one of the world’s leading suppliers of surface technologies that significantly improve the performance and durability of precision components and tools for the metal and plastics processing industries. These proprietary coatings developed by Oerlikon Balzers and marketed under the BALINIT® brand are extremely thin and very hard.


BALINIT® coatings show added value in following applications: 

-Cutting tools (new or reconditioned)

-Punching and forming tools, die casting and plastic moulds

-Components in general engineering applications 

Online coating-guide is available. This guide enables the users to determine the right coating for his specific application :




- Weekly extra coating solutions in Benelux : Topping, a high-end post treatment of your cutting tool coatings,pre- and postpolishing and/or advanced service for punching and forming tools.

- Latest developed coatings like :


- Full range of BALINIT® DIAMOND

MICRO or NANO coating dedicated for graphite/composite machining, short delivery time.



BALINIT® DYLYN, wear protection and friction properties  are especially important for mechanical engineering, plastics processing and the semiconductor industry. BALINIT® DYLYN is also used for cavities and moulding applications in the medical industry and packaging industries (especially for screw cap and PET bottle manufacturing), as well as for all of the moving and sliding parts of injection moulding tools.



Differentiation – Classification - Visualisation

What began as a technological quantum leap with our S3p® technology and the revolutionary new BALIQ® coating generation is now taking the next innovative step.
With BALIQ® UNIQUE, colour has come into play literally for the first time. That means, you can benefit from the outstanding wear protection properties of BALIQ® UNIQUE as well as giving your tools a look that is absolutely unique.





To provide increased passenger safety, and simultaneously comply with emissions legislation, future vehicles must be stronger and yet lighter. Each new vehicle model therefore contains a higher proportion of modern, high strength steel than its predecessors.

To ensure high productivity when forming these demanding steels, especially resilient coating solutions are required – such as BALINIT® FORMERA and BALINIT® FORMERA PLUS.


BALINIT® CROMA PLUSDeveloped especially for processing of highly adhesive plastic and elastomer materials. The coating excels through its thin top coating which is doped with special constituents. These form a glass like structure with a very low degree of surface energy. This property results in highly wear resistant surfaces with an extremely low tendency of sticking.