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Brilliance in BKL

BKL is a technical service provider in mechanics and mechatronics. We develop high-quality solutions enabling clients to work smarter, more efficiently and above all more safely: hoisting and lifting tools, industrial modules and machines. Our range of services include engineering, inspections, services and manufacturing. We provide services for partial processes and overall solutions.


Brilliance in Engineering

Smart engineering solutions can provide a considerable advantage. Just think, for instance, of more safety for your employees, more process efficiency and improved competitiveness. BKL develops solutions to meet your requirements. As a technical service provider, we can provide the entire engineering process, from the definition phase until commissioning of the final product. Safety is of paramount importance to us. That is our engineering service for high-quality hoisting and lifting tools, mechanics and industrial modules.

Because our engineering is based on high safety standards, your machines and tools will comply with laws and regulations, resulting in – if required – a CE declaration to emphasize good entrepreneurship and the CSR concept.



Brilliance in Production

BKL is an OEM for OEMs. We supply high-quality work for high-tech companies. In terms of production, we have a wide range of employable skills. We are, for instance, the go-to company for built to print, or for fully operational machines according to 

your specifications. Prototyping and functional models are examples of other specialties, as are cleanroom assembly and repairs.

Our employees make all the difference: professional, driven and always “up” for a challenge. But above all we are guided by the principle that equipment should contribute to safe working conditions. This is something we never compromise on.



Brilliance in Inspection

We are safety experts and specialize in hoisting and lifting tools. As a manufacturer, we know these tools inside and out and as an inspection body we are ISO 17020:2012 accredited. We provide a broad range of services: from demonstrating the suitability for first use to conducting periodic inspections, tests and examinations.               

BKL offers guarantees. Guiding principle in all our activities is our passion for safety. We leave nothing to chance and we do not compromise on safety.



Brilliance in Services

As a technical service provider in mechanics and mechatronics we combine knowledge and expertise in a broad service package.

We offer, for instance, consultancy, training, maintenance, repairs, reconditioning and tool management for your hoisting and lifting tools. This allows you to make use of additional capacity with which to create value, to increase efficiency and to promote safety. 

A guiding principle for our work is our passion for safety. We leave nothing to chance and we will never compromise on safety. Our services are aimed at preventing incidents and dealing with (residual) risks in a responsible manner.


More information?

We would be more than happy to make time to discuss:

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