Mechatronic products and production systems

We bring high-tech to life
Sioux develops and creates innovative mechatronic solutions, from conceptual design to the production of test sets, single-use prototype machines and serial products. This enables us to support high-tech OEMs in realising and accelerating innovation processes, improving the robustness and capacity of products, and reducing costs.

Sioux has vast expertise in precision movement and positioning, miniaturisation, vacuum technology, optical monitoring and embedded design. That is the foundation of our impressive track record as a developer and producer of high-end modules, systems and machines.

Smart mechatronic solutions

With our innovative solutions, we help clients perform better in their international markets. We work on subprojects, but also offer complete solutions; customised innovation, technology development, integration and production. We carry out inspection, assembly and testing work in our separate project rooms and cleanrooms.

Part of Sioux Technologies
Sioux CCM is part of Sioux Technologies, a strong innovative technology partner with over 700 multi-disciplinary engineers. Sioux supports high-tech companies with the development and production of high-tech products and production systems. Sioux is specialised in delivering innovative solutions in the fields of software, mechatronics, electronics, optics, mechanics, IoT and mathware. Sioux is able to support or even completely provide the Research & Development department of its customers.

More information

Project management system architecture
  • Translate customer requirements to specifications
  • Integrated multidisciplinary approach
  • System Composition
  • Concept design

Design competences
  • Precision engineering
  • Vacuum technology
  • Dust free design
  • Hygienic design
  • Electronics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Embedded software
  • Mathware

Predictive modelling
  • Machine dynamics & control, dynamic and quasi static behavior
  • Flow, flow simulations and calculations
  • Thermal prediction, heat calculations

Optics & vision
  • Laser technology
  • Fluorescence Technology
  • Optical (light pad) design
  • High speed image processing

New Product Introd
uction (NPI)
  • DfX, Production engineering
  • Early supplier involvement
  • Supply chain management


  • Purchase components and modules
  • Final assembly and testing
  • Cleanroom assembly
  • Delivery