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DCD is an integrated product developer that designs, develops and manufactures products for customers. We are a one-stop-shopping partner where you will always have the same contact. We work closely with our customers to achieve the best results. To this end, our staff often work in-house for our customers. This improves the exchange of knowledge and accelerates the work pace. DCD is fully accountable throughout this process, from idea to massproduction.

The challenge for us is to deliver top-quality work quickly, so that our customers can get the products to market quickly. Flexiblity and an ability to change speed or direction are preconditions for this. Our design and development expertise and the manufacturing takes place around the corner at our customer’s factory. The combination of our knowledge, creativity and the complete process accountablity ensures rapid market introduction. Of course, we keep a watchful eye on the costs.


DCD is a system supplier, active in the smart products, motion systems and human interface devices markets. We design, develop and manufacture hightech products, such as innovative LED applications, fibre optic connectors and advanced modules and sensors that are components for smart consumer or medical products, as well as high-attention products. Good examples of these products are smart human interface and high perception value products, such as luminous acoustic walls that are simple to operate and offer a large variety of content, creating a personalised atmospheric experience in a commercial environment.

DCD has locations in Eindhoven and Duiven. In Duiven we concentrate solely on development. In Eindhoven we design, develop and manufacture. All our people are highly educated, motivated and enthusiastic and keen to get to work for you!


A single contact for the execution of innovative projects


Smart products

Products with integrated intelligence. Sometimes design, sometimes with embedded software. Always top quality.


Motion systems
Mechanical moving components in products. From simple to creative and ingenious.


Human interface devices
Intelligent design where you intuitively find the right buttons instead of fumbling through complicated menus. 


  • Product development
  • Tooling development
  • Industrialization
  • Production
  • Logistics & Installation

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Optics
  • Manufacturing


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