D&M Vacuümsystemen B.V. is specialized in offering turn-key solutions for (high-quality and complex) vacuum systems for over 25 years. 

We have received confidence and credits from various prestigious companies and institutes that are active in the following industries:

- Semiconductor

- Lighting 

- Research applications

- Solar systems

- Thin film deposition

- Analytical

- Cryogenics

Process Equipment

- Custom design for each processing, substrate, and handling need.

- Innovative approach, in-house engineering, manufacturing and process knowhow, our process equipment enables manufacturing and measurements for high-tech industries

- Leading position in the supply of Qualification Tools for EUV parts (monoparts and assemblies). 

Custom Products


- Strong player in customer specific design and manufacturing of low-volume, and highly complex parts, assemblies and systems.

Engineering & Manufacturing


- Dedicated and extensive workshop to manufacture our parts and systems in-house.

- Ability to produce clean, complex products on our state-of -art machinery. Vacuum chambers up to 4000mm!

Our systems are assembled, cleaned and tested in our cleanroom facilities.




-Servicing of all type of vacuum pumps (rotary vane, scroll, cry and dry pumps).

- In-depth knowledge of specific component/pump know-how including behaviour of pumps in different type of processes (industry specific knowledge).

- Service Level Agreements (SLA) for our pumps and systems


D&M also has a state-of-art RGA service centre for all RGA repair needs. This service includes cleaning, calibration, and exchange of RGA parts. The RGA service centre also maintains our Qualifications Tools and has Service-Level-Agreements (SLA) with our worldwide customers.