DVC machinevision B.V. is since 2004 thé partner in Vision for OEMs in the Benelux and supplies with them vision solutions worldwide. This varies from the unique distribution of A-brand vision components to the development of customer specific vision modules for food, robot and sport applications.


Investment in technological innovation is key to DVC. Through DVC, the customers will benefit directly of the latest developments in the vision market. Partnership is paramount In our close cooperation with OEMs and system integrators.



DVC offers a wide range of vision components:

  • Machine vision software
  • 2D and 3D Smart Camera / embedded Systems
  • Industrial cameras
  • Framegrabbers
  • Lenses
  • Lighting
  • Enclosures

Of course with the necessary technical support. Because of our knowledge and expertise each customer is assured of correct and best products for his/her vision solution. Our added value is that we not only select off-the-shelf imaging components technically, but also commercially.


Our exclusive A- brand suppliers are: Sony | Matrox | Basler | BlueVision | Phlox | Vision Light Tech | autoVimation and LMI Technologies. DVC and listed suppliers share the same corporate philosophy: 
'Supplying high quality products at affordable prices with reliable and short delivery times.'