Customized solutions for Metal Precision Parts
Etchform provides customized solutions for metal precision parts for high-tech applications by means of etching & electroforming. Two versatile techniques, combining flexibility, cost efficiency and high quality.


Besides common  materials such as copper- and stainless steel alloys we also offer etching of specialty materials such as aluminum, laminates, molybdenum, nitinol, silver and titanium.


We have a strong presence in aerospace, defense, electronics, engineering & medical industries.


Full Service

Metal parts often require one or more additional processing treatments in order to fulfill their final function. These specialized treatments are frequently outsourced, placing the requisite burden on your organization.

Etchform offers a full service option for this. With our proven Supply Chain Management, we take the lead as well as the responsibility for the final result, thus increasing the added value and taking as much off your hands as possible.  

Etchform has chosen to anchor these additional services in a strong network. Our network partners pool their resources within this network in order to realize concrete added value in the field of engineering, production and logistics. This network comprises professionals who have been successfully collaborating for years.





Additional processing options

  • assembly
  • diffusion bonding
  • forming
  • heat & surface treatments
  • laser cutting & laser welding
  • machining


Advantages of Photo Etching

  • A wide range of metals,  including metals on plastic substrates.
  • No change in material properties. No added internal stress or deformation. Hardness and brittleness remain intact.
  • Burr-free products.
  • Both the contour and the relief can be formed in the same process. 2.5D structures are also possible.
  • Quick start and flexibility with changes.
  • Limited equipment costs.
    Product complexity only has limited effect to costing.



Every inquiry is essentially unique. That's why we provide customized solutions.

  • As an engineering partner in the design and a supplier in the production phase.
  • In developing production processes for specific materials or complex product specifications.
  • As a technology partner for various original equipment manufacturers. 


With reference to our motto "If you can sketch it, we can etch it !" we look forward to realize new challenges with you.