Frencken Europe: Connecting High Tech Capabilities

Frencken is an expert in high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity and high-flexibility production of assemblies and systems for the medical, analytical and semiconductor markets.


Experience in working together


Frencken is one of Europe’s largest, most experienced and flexible manufacturers of high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity assemblies and complete systems. We provide product development, assembly and tests of the most challenging modules and systems, and work with very tightly controlled planning to ensure continuity of your final assembly. Our skilled and motivated teams make sure you achieve time-to-market, cost, reliability, quality and delivery targets.







 Know-how and facilities


Thanks to specialized know-how combined with state-of-the-art production and test environments; such as  high- to ultra-high vacuum and ultra-clean rooms, we have earned an excellent track record in designing and building products for specific segments.

Examples include high-end positioning systems for medical systems, vacuum equipment, analytical equipment, medical equipment (we are ISO13485 certified and UL-listed) and industrial automation equipment.

 Excellent logistics, lean manufacturing and a global supply chain are the keys to meeting your demands and price targets.












 Project management


Rigid tracking of progress and costs will ensure you always know the status of your project. Our outstanding problem solving abilities help maintain seamless production and QA tracking. We will be happy to show you how we have overcome specific issues for our customers, and find out how we can support you.


Full lifecycle support


We can support products through their full lifecycle, transferring production from our home location in the Netherlands to Frencken factories in other parts of the world for the most cost-effective solution. With fully equipped facilities in China, Singapore and Malaysia, we are excellently positioned to serve OEMs who also have production in Asia.


Frencken Europe B.V.