As experts in metrology, IBS Precision Engineering delivers solutions for ultra precision measurement, motion control or applications requiring the ultimate in geometrical accuracy.


Industries in which we are active: 


  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace
  • Machine tool
  • Disk drive 
  • Electron microscopy
  • High precision metrology


Engineering and R&D

Our dedicated team of engineers can provide custom made machines, modules & solutions for any geometric problem you might have. 

We develop unique solutions for anything that is difficult to measure or where ultra precision is needed. Custom-made, according to your wishes and exactly tailored to your requirements.


Accuracy down to picometer level is offered and traceability to international standards is rigorously implemented.

Non-contact position and displacement measuring systems

We offer capacitive displacement measuring systems with picometer resolution and eddy current measuring systems with nanometer resolution. Both systems support speeds up to 80kHz, have excellent measurement stability and are vacuum compatible. We also offer laser interferometer and transducer measuring systems.


Machine tool inspection and analysis

Our machine tool inspection & analyzer solutions offer a range of products to provide peace of mind and control to machine operators by guaranteeing your machine is within specification. 


Machine-integrated, workshop robust inspector systems provide rapid qualification of linear axes, rotary table characteristics or spindle behaviour. Simple go/no-go testing supports machine management and reduces out-of-tolerance products; data tracking makes essential maintenance planning easy.

For machine tool builders, maintenance providers and other advanced users our analyzer systems offer fully calibrated, in-depth measurement and feedback capability. Machine acceptance qualification, compensation and diagnostics are at your fingertips.


Porous media air bearings

When precision motion or positioning is required, porous air bearings offer proven performance advantages, such as near zero friction and wear, high speed, high precision capabilities and no oil lubrication requirements.  These powerful advantages for today's machine designers make them a natural choice from coordinate measuring machines to roll to roll applications. From off the shelf bearings to modeling and simulation for advanced applications, IBS can provide the support you need.