Helvoet serving over the globe

Global players, multi-billion companies, have challenged our expertise in our market and appreciate our innovative track record.



Within separate HACCP controlled and clean production areas Helvoet produces beverage systems for large global players for the beverages industry.



For the automotive industry Helvoet supplies all types of products, from connectors to radar rolls and from valves to fuel pumps. Reliability and safety are key in our systems.


Helvoet has a proven track record in Metal to Plastic engineering, reducing weight to your components, improving performance of your product.

Helvoet as a development partner

With our engineers we relieve your organisation. We ensure that you benefit fully from our competences using our own black belt engineers to optimise the process flow .  

We can surely state that we live by engineering your competitive advantage.



Within the medical market Helvoet supplies highly functional parts for pharma packaging, diagnostics and medical device applications. Injection moulding and assembly takes place in white or cleanroom environment. Parts can be both non-sterile and sterile.


Helvoet produces precision housings integrating functionality to minimise the number of components for several applications.


Helvoet masters several materials, from Thermoset to Thermoplast, from LSR to Rubber.

One of our core competences is bonding rubber onto metal and plastic components.

Helvoet's key values

We deliver the zero defect promise on a daily basis thanks to our robust quality processes and our committed and motivated staff.


We contribute to the innovation process with our long experience in product design for lean manufacturing.


Helvoet masters a range of secondary processes to add value to our precision components.

This enables us to supply (sub)assemblies or finished products to our customers.