MASTERS OF MOULDING - Precision Parts and Assemblies

Welcome to Helvoet Group

We are a global manufacturer of precision components and functional assemblies made of plastics and rubber. Over 850 experts in our 7 production locations make sure that your product is manufactured with the ideal and most competitive processes and reaches you in the best quality - wherever you need it.

Masters of Moulding

Helvoet has a unique setup in the market and whenever you require a moulded product in a large volume production, we are the right ones to help you.

We process the following materials:

Thermoplastics (e.g. PA6, PC, PPS, PEEK)
Thermosets       (e.g. PF, MF, EP, BMC)
Rubber              (e.g. NBR, VMQ, AEM, FKM)

LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber

We also provide a wide range of post-processing treatments in order to send you the functional product.

Helvoet as a enabling partner

Benefit from more than 80 years of experience in the processing of elastomers and polymers! Our engineering team supports you in every phase of your project, no matter if you want to convert an idea into a serial product, or if you have a finalized design and need a partner to manufacture your component in the best conditions.

Innovation meets Reliability

If you want to be competitive and successful in today's technical industries, then you need more than a good price: innovation and a perfect quality ! 
At Helvoet we deliver our zero-defect promise on a daily basis and strive to improve our processes continuously.

Hybrid products and Assemblies

Do you require a fully functional product which is ready to use in your application and is more than a single component our of one material?  With all material technologies in house, Helvoet can help you to integrate several components into one by 2k or k+k moulding, and we can provide you with fully tested assemblies - semi or fully automated.

Microfluidics in Polymers

Lab-on-a-chip or Organ-on-a-chip technology is already known on glass chips as a smarter way of analytics for e.g. diagnostics, food safety or environmental testing. Helvoet forms part of the FlowAlliance, where we provide polymer and hybrid solutions to upscale and commercialize this technology for our customers.