Solutions for the Technical Challenges of Tomorrow

Technobis Group
Technobis is a group of companies providing development and supply of high-tech instruments for companies worldwide. 

Technobis Mechatronics
Specialized in complete product development projects, going from an idea to a successful turnkey product, prototype or series product for medical, pharmaceutical and high-tech markets 

Technobis Crystallization Systems
Leading technology provider for solid-state research, process development and formulation. 

Technobis Fibre Technologies
Innovation of PIC technology for Next Generation Fiber Sensing systems allowing full advantage from miniature, low cost and power, and functionally aggregated solutions.

Technobis Integrated Photonics Packaging Services
Back-End Foundry & OEM Service Provider for PIC Packaging, Testing, Evaluation, Assembly and Volume production.

Fiber Sensing Systems

Crystallization Systems

Technobis System-in-a-Package 

Product Development

Series and Volume Production
Cleanroom Assembly