AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE BV: Leader in Precision Joining

Amada Miyachi Europe is part of the AMADA GROUP and provides proven technologies with a long tradition as market leader in micro-connection.
Amada Miyachi Europe offers equipment & systems for laser welding, laser marking, laser micromachining, laser cutting, resistance welding, micro arc welding, hot bar bonding and sealing.
From design to production; we build your solution.


Amada Miyachi Europe offers a
unique service

Our valuable customers enjoy solutions as an integral part of the production process to connect, to join, or to customise components in a very reliable and very sustainable fashion. Our products are in use in a variety of modern high-tech application fields. These application fields are our areas of expertise to the benefit of our customers’s and our vendors‘ future growth in Automotive, IT & Multimedia, Electronics and Batteries, Medical and Aerospace.


Multi-region coverage
Amada Miyachi Europe is located in Munich, Germany, in Helmond, The Netherlands and in Mildenhall in the UK with state-of-the-art facilities developing, producing and servicing solutions offered to our European customer base. As a global player, Amada Miyachi Europe has four additional sales offices located in Budapest (Hungary), Turin (Italy) Paris (France) and in Prague (Czech Republic).

Our facilities have ultra-modern application laboratories. Standard modules and equipment are stocked for quick and adequate supply throughout the whole of Europe. Furthermore, a perfectly equipped centre of operations takes care of engineering, assembly and testing of customer specific systems.

Resistance Welding

Amada Miyachi Europe provides proven Resistance Welding technologies with a long tradition as market leader in micro-connection. Amada Miyachi Europe combines its competencies into one full range of resistance welder products such as inverter power supplies, HF, AC/DC and capacitor discharge welding.

Hot Bar soldering and Heat-Sealing

Using the Thermode technology as the heart of our Hot Bar system with precise temperature, force and process control, the Hot Bar systems create a robust and multi-functional platform for Hot Bar Reflow Soldering, ACF Bonding, Heat-Sealing and Heat Staking applications.


Laser Marking

Amada Miyachi Europe offers a complete range of Lasers Markers for use in almost any application that requires direct marking, engraving or machining. Suitable materials include metals, plastics, ceramics, organics and many others. 

 Laser Welding

Our Laser Welding systems provide very high production volumes at a low cost per weld and very accurate part positioning, even after welding. Laser Welders provide extremely high-quality seam-welds to seal critical electronics packages, such as those used for pacemakers.


Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting systems are the preferred choice for many fine laser cutting or machining applications, particularly when superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and/or high volume production is required as in the medical, automotive, electronics, aerospace, and solar industries. Laser cutting systems offer other advantages as compared to traditional cutting methods including the elimination of the need for hazardous waste removal and a smaller footprint.


Hermetic Sealing

Amada Miyachi Europe offers a line of resistance welding based systems including projection and rotary welders, hermetic seam sealing systems, and lid placement and tacking systems. Packed with advanced features, these systems reliably perform welding, brazing and soldering processes on a variety of hermetic sealing applications.


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