Ceramic on the right spot!


Innovative solutions!

Ceratec Technical Ceramics BV is specialized in industrial technical ceramic components since 1983. Ceratec's strength lies in the complete formula of problem analysis, development, prototyping and production. Ceratec has played a key role in applying technical ceramics in many ways. 
Ceratec supply customer oriented solutions resulting in longer periods of operation, lower maintenance costs and fewer interruptions to production. In short: a contribution to a cost-efficient production process.



Next to full ceramic products, Ceratec develops composite products,such as ceramic-metal or ceramic-plastic products. Our goal is to put the combination off often extreme properties of technical ceramics and those off metals/plastics to it's best use.





Alongside various processing techniques, special joining techniques are applied for production of composite products made of technical technical ceramic and metal. The requisite metal-working processes and assembly activities are carried out in-house.


Ceratec produce both small and larger series. Throughout the production process, quality control is carried out in our advanced test room.


Ceramic on the right spot!

Ceratec Engineering guarantees professional support in the area of material selection, economical design and backup for incorporation of ceramic components. 

Ceratec uses technical ceramics for products and components in which the material properties produce distinct added value. For instance, wear problems with metal or plastic



components can be a reason for calling on the services of Ceratec Engineering.


Custom made products

Ceratec develops and manufactures technical ceramic products for customer-specified applications

Examples of applications are:

  • structural parts semicon equipment
  • wear parts (nozzles, linings)
  • pump components (sliding- and ball bearings)
  • machine parts (positioning)
  • cut and mould parts (knives, dies)

Standard products

High Tech developments at Ceratec have led to a wide range of standard ceramic industrial products. For fast and efficient solutions.