Innovative Inkjet and Thin Film solutions

Meyer Burger (Netherlands) B.V. is a world leading provider of innovative inkjet printing and thin film equipment for (structured) functional layers with a low cost of ownership for high tech electronic applications.


With its PiXDRO functional inkjet and FLEx thin film plasma and spatial-ALD systems, Meyer Burger serves several industries: OLED, photo voltaic, printed electronics, semiconductor, batteries, PCB and photo chemical milling.




Meyer Burger offers R&D systems up to complete manufacturing solutions, including pre- and post-processing and automation  modules, serving customers world wide.




At Meyer Burger we push the boundaries of innovation. With new breakthrough technologies and products, in-depth process knowledge and out-of-the-box methodology we
offer the best solutions for our customers. By replacing existing value chains Meyer Burger enables integrated combined functionalities in electronic devices.




Under its award winning PiXDRO brand, Meyer Burger offers complete inkjet equipment design, assembly and application support in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. With over 12 years of experience, PiXDRO is the benchmark in the manufacturing of advanced  inkjet printers. The PiXDRO inkjet portfolio consists of versatile research equipment and high throughput mass-production systems.



The modular design of PiXDRO inkjet systems aligns well with the growing and changing demands of our customers, and help them in succeeding in dynamic markets.

Meyer Burger also offers advanced Thin Film Plasma and Spatial-ALD systems for large area deposition and stripping. Under its FLEx brand it focuses on coating equipment for thin film encapsulation, moisture barrier foils for flexible electronics, as well as lithium ion battery anode production.


Based on more than 25 years of experience, FLEx systems are known for their high throughput, process robustness, and low cost of ownership.

With its CONx cluster systems, for both roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet substrates, and long history of product integration, Meyer Burger has complete application lines for OLED encapsulation, battery, flexible & printed electronics and MEMS manufacturing.