How we accelerate your innovation


Are you planning an innovation and looking for ways to improve your time to market? How can you make sure that it is designed to be manufactured cost-effectively and reliable? Do you lack specific competences? Maybe a tough technical challenge requires an out-of-the box solution? Or do you need a maturity step in one of your processes or products? Pleased to meet you!


As an innovation service provider, we want you to be successful in delivering your innovations to the market, where they can matter to your customers and society as a whole. Our mission is simple: to accelerate your innovation. Inside and outside Philips, from start-up to multinational.

Being globally active with almost 1,000 experts and 10,000 m² of high-tech infrastructure, we accelerate your innovation with development, realization and consultancy.


Working together


Central for us when we work together is your satisfaction to the outcome. And how well we succeeded in proving our mission: to accelerate your innovation.

You choose how you want to work with us:

  • You can outsource (part of) a development project. Our experienced system architects and project managers will ensure the intended result
  • You can ask us to provide engineering samples, prototypes or products in a (limited) series e.g. from our pilot factory or MEMS foundry
  • You can complement your project team with very specific competences
  • You may require specific (on-site) technology support e.g. to get to the root cause of tough quality problem
  • You can get support from our industry or technical consultants to help you expand your organization’s innovation or operational excellence capabilities




Selection of our services


Laser job shop prototyping services

A full range of high-end laser job shop prototyping services, including cutting, machining, welding, engraving and patterning of a wide range of materials.

Product prototyping

A full range of production facilities for electronics as well as mechanical products, including extensive support for product certification.

Instrumentation services

A full range of measuring instrument rental and support services in electronic instrumentation and photonic equipment areas.

Technical support and technology consultants

Specific (on-site) engineering support in all of our key areas of expertise.

Micro Devices Facility

At the Micro Devices Facility The Greenhouse we have over 40 years of experience. We team up with you to make your product within the critical time path, reacting fast and flexible on new insights. We assure integral coupling with supply chain and manufacturing activities. And we use industrial production equipment.