As an associated firm of

FRIATEC GmbH, Glynwed Benelux B.V. is responsible for the sales of technical ceramics.


Advantageous product characteristics are: exceptional hardness and wear-resistance, superior compressive and bending strengths also at higher temperatures, high thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity, excellent dielectric strength, high electrical volume and surface resistance, low dielectric loss at high frequencies, and low neutron absorption cross-section in nuclear technology applications.

Engineering ceramics

In developing state-of-the-art equipment, engineers have been using components of ceramic materials with increasing frequency. Components of tools and machines are long serving while being readily cleanable owing to their surface qualities.  


Applications: ozone generator for the

  • semiconductor industry, control disks
  • for rule and laboratory processes,
  • flowmeters, welding and centering pins for the automotive industry, pump spares etc.


    Electrical ceramics 

    Components for electronic devices become smaller, and sometimes the demands are so stringent that only pure aluminium oxide can meet them. FRIATEC GmbH developed a dense aluminium oxide with 99,7% AL2O3 content.   

    Applications: electrical feedthroughs, semi conducting pipes, metallized tubes, sensors, image amplifier for the radiology, X-ray tube for the radiology, accelerator unit for the radio logs, executions for applications of high vacuums, high voltage executions for the vacuum engineering, isolating pipes for the high vacuum technology, high current executions for energy systems etc. 


    High temperature technology 

    High temperatures constitute a test for any material; materials intended for such technologies must meet the strictest requirements with regards to their quality and intrinsic properties.

    High temperature resistance up to 1950°C offers the solution.




    Applications: pipes, staffs and capillary, thermal protective pipes, probes for oxygen measurement, isolating plates and discs,crucibles and combustian trays,square tubes for the graphic arts industry etc.


    Surface processing

    DEGUSSIT® grinding tools are manufactured out of aluminium oxide and crystals with an extreme hardness. The addition of chromium oxide gives them the specific red color.

    Applications: polishing and grinding stones (whetstones), bank stones, sharpen donates, files, hand lapper, tumbling disks etc.


    FRIATEC GmbH is one of the most specialized manufacturers of ceramic components out of pure oxides, their registered trade mark is FRIALIT®DEGUSSIT®.   

    Besides a large scale of standard products, custom made products can be manufactured in aluminium oxides, zirconium oxides or silicon carbides and nitrides.