Your Raw Material Supplier since 1924

Will & Co, since 1924, is well established as an international supplier of high quality raw materials, additives and colorants. Our product and marketing specialists cooperate very closely with our customers and suppliers on R&D, production, marketing, sales and logistics. This unique cross-bonding allows us to develop new products with our customers and, if needed, to find problem solving solutions.

Our customers can be found in nearly all industries: chemicals, paint, coatings, inks, adhesives, plastic processing, polymer production, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care, water treatment, detergents and cleaning agents.


Will & Co offer a broad portfolio of high-quality plastics and additives. Next to this, we actively assist our customers with their new product developments. For polymer processors, this means that we offer support from design and engineering to production. We also offer help in production process trouble-shooting. For polymer producers and compounding companies we offer an excellent overview of the available systems and solutions for their existing and new formulations.

Be our guest in exploring the creativity and the know-how of our people.

Specialty & Engineering Plastics:

Aroma & Chemical Barrier Applications

ADMER® Tie Resin for Multilayer

TAFMER® Special TPO for polymeric modification on sealing, peelable, puncture resistant, flexibility, impact, hot-fill, etc.

TPX® PMP Heat-, hydrolysis-, chemical resistant, transparent, peel-ability/release, very low density, low dielectric properties, etc.

Elastomers (TPV, TPE-E, TPU, TPO)

Engineering Compounds (Modified with Long & Short Fibre, Flame Retardant, Minerals, Low Friction & Wear Resistant, Conductive, etc.)


PVC & Wood Plastic Compounds

Renewable compounds

Conductive Polymers

POVAL® High Elongation Mould Release Film for Thermosets


Colour Concentrates, Antistatics, Slip, Anti Block, Antifogging/Anti Drip, UV (stabilizers, absorbers & blockers), Processing Aids, Impact Modifiers, Nucleating Agents,Optical Brighteners, Light Diffusors & Opacifiers, Additive masterbatches with Pharmacopoeia, Plastron FOAM® Foaming Agents, Plastron NUC® for cycle time reductions

Additives for Compounding

KANE ACE® Impact Modifiers for PVC & Engineering Plastics

UV Absorbers, HALS & Anti Oxidant Systems, Performance Pigments (Organic & Inorganic, Metallic Effect), Light Diffusers

Compatibilizers, Coupling- & Bonding Agents, Processing Aids, Halogen Free Flame Retardants, High Performance Magnesium Hydroxide

Anti Statics & Conductives, Glycerol Mono Stearate, Glass Fibres (Chopped & Roving), Minerals & Fillers, Nano-technology products, Silicone Blends, Fluids, Emulsions and Greases

Plasticizers: based on Phthalic (VESTINOL®), Phosphate (DISFLAMOLL®), Maleate

(OXSOFT®), Citrate (UNIPLEX®), Adipate (OXSOFT®), Benzoate (UNIPLEX®), Sebacate

(UNIPLEX®), Sulphonate (MESAMOLL® ), Trimellitate (OXSOFT®), Succinate (UNIPLEX®), ESBO Chemistries, incl. Polymeric Plasticizers.

Chemicals & Others:

Performance Pigments, Alu Metallic Effect Pigments, 1.4-BDO, THF, NMP, PTMEG, Sulfamic acid, Special Amines, Coatings & Adhesives Resins, Powder Coating Additives, etc.