The right solution for every application

We offer an extensive range of connector solutions for all wiring configurations: Board to Wire, Panel to Wire and Wire to Wire. For applications in industrial and in very demanding or extreme environments. For example, watertight or hermetically sealed connectors, connectors for use under water or hybrid versions with all functions (current, signals, air, liquid, etc.) in one connector.


Small contacts and fine pitches

Even thin wires with a flexible core of AWG 28 (0.09 mm2) are cut to length, stripped and fitted with small crimp contacts on fully automatic wire processing machines. In the same cycle the quality of each crimped contact is automatically tested. Pitches of 1 mm or less make very compact and reliable wiring design possible. 

Wire and cable harnesses

A diversity of connector systems is required to transfer current and signals. Long cable lengths are often typical for machine harnesses. Special attention should be given to the individual design of all those needed cable modules, so that they can be produced efficiently, minimizing labour time. We will be glad to assist you in your design  process. We posses state-of-the-art automatic production equipment and tools to reduce your cost price and guarantee a high quality level.


Overmoulded SMT printed circuit board

A small, rectangular SMT PCB ensures that all the data stored in the board computer are sent back to base without losses. A D-Sub connector is fitted to both sides of the circuit board. Then the board is overmoulded in plastic for protection against moisture, dust and dirt. The moulding process occurs at low pressure and temperature to eliminate any chance of damage to components.


Overmoulded cable exit in connector assembly

The seal for each individual terminal and the coupling between male and female  connector housings complies with IP 67 (1.5 metres under water for 30 minutes). The rear portion of the connector and the cable exit are made watertight with a single moulded seal.



Fischer WSO series, space saving and versatile

When you have little space available outside the housing, the WSO series provides the ideal solution. These metal connectors offer compact dimensions and four possible cable exits: left, right, top and bottom. They are available with IP 54 or IP 68 ratings. (absolutely watertight).  


Fischer SS and SSC series, miniature and lightweight  

Miniature lightweight metal connectors. Watertight overmoulding of the cable exit is possible for orders of as few as 20 pieces per type. Two connection variants are available: push/pull and Clic-Loc. Clic-Loc is a connection system that can be disconnected easily in emergency situations. 


Fischer Low Profile Rear-Mounting, connectors for a compact design

When you have little space in the housing, these connectors can provide a solution. If desired, they can even provide IP 68 protection or a hermetic seal when disconnected. They are light, compact, extremely robust and hold up to the toughest conditions in the field. 360° EMI shielding and gold-plated contacts ensure extremely reliable signal transfer. Ideal for portable equipment such as communications devices, measurement equipment, probes and sensors, medical equipment and battery systems.