From EMS to Lifecycle Partnership     

 Why Neways?

The full life cycle of industrial and professional electronic products is within the scope of Neways, starting from the very first concept, through development and production up and until service and repair; completing with product life cycle management.

 With Neways you will find a full comprehensive service. Service is: having regard for people, for creativity and job satisfaction, and for personal relations with customers. Attention to staff leads to a better service and increases the overall quality performance levels of products that serve man.

From idea to creation


The moment Neways gets involved during the development phase largely depends on the demands and requirements of the customer. Some customers develop the Electronics in detail themselves; others concentrate on the global product design and not  on the realisation.


Whatever form of co-operation is preferred, Neways can  add value – from the selection process of components to the layout design of electric circuits including, if needed, the software development, from design for manufacturing until design for testing, from design for costing to rapid production of prototypes.

From creation to realization


Micro-electronics is a field that stretches from chip technology to complete micro-electronic systems based on hybrid technologies. There is demand on highly integrated electronics that require advanced interconnect technologies, coupled with a growing market need for further miniaturization. Neways is able to produce line/space patterns of 50 µm and below. Neways works according to quality standards such as ISO, ESA and Mil and combines this with stringent quality management and a a flexible approach.



Printed circuit board assembly

 One of our core competences is printed circuit board assembly. Neways has several PCBA specialised companies within the group. This is why we are able to fulfil a wide range of demands – from multilayer to flexible printed circuit boards, from small specialised batches to large quantity size batches. Our operations in Eastern Europe and China provide low production cost solutions.


Cable & wiring

Reliable connections, high quality requirements and an ever increasing complexity of cable-, wire and system assemblies. Cable & wiring is a specific area that demands knowledge, experience and the right equipment. Neways provides customers with complete solutions in every required area and offers the best balance between technology, volume, flexibility and lead-time.


System engineering and assembly

System assembly offers customized solutions at the introduction- and production phase of advanced control systems in the industrial and medical sector. The great diversity and complexity of the electronic and mechanical components in these systems sets a high demand, not only technological, but also logistical. It comes as no surprise that apart from its technical capabilities, Supply Chain Management has become one of the corner stones of the Neways System organisation.