Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Technology IPT

Anybody who wants to launch his products and services successfully on today’s global market must learn to exceed his own limitations and to shape the process of change, thinking on his feet and remaining for ever willing to adapt himself to the continuously changing requirements


The Fraunhofer IPT has decades of experience in the production technologies it utilizes in order to provide companies with a strong basis for the digitization of production processes, machine tools and equipment. Their technological expertise is complemented by new production organization methods and by the design of industrial software systems. The portfolio of the Fraunhofer IPT extends from the evaluation and design of technologies and process chains through planning and control concepts to quality management control circuits. The institute currently employs around 460 people who are dedicated to applying their creativity to methods, technologies and processes for a connected, adaptive production.


Rather than considering production activities as individual operations, our work involves looking at all production processes and the links between all the elements of the overall process in their entirety – from research and development through the acquisition of raw material and services to the final production stages and assembly. This interdisciplinary view allows us to approach and develop solutions which require thinking beyond the narrow confines of any particular discipline.




Industries, products and technologies


Our business units combine the skills and the knowledge of the individual departments, the Fraunhofer CMI in Boston/USA and our partner institute, the WZL of the RWTH Aachen University. This allows us to approach and develop networked, adaptive production solutions which require thinking beyond the narrow confines of any particular discipline.


Our range of services reflects the needs, requirements and challenges of a number of industries, technologies and product groups:


• Automotive industry and suppliers

• Energy

• Life sciences

• Mechanical engineering

• Optical industries

• Precision engineering and microtechnology

• Turbomachinery

• Tool and die making

Technologies for a networked, adaptive production


We put great importance on our continuous contacts and exchanges with industrial corporations and the permanent updating of our equipment. This allows us to ensure that we always remain abreast of the latest technological trends and developments – and that we can provide you with that all-important competitive edge in your production technologies.


Our laboratories and production facilities feature state of the art technology and cover an area of
5000 m². The entire Fraunhofer IPT occupies an area of approx. 9000 m².