Being successful with standardisation

Meusburger is the leading international manufacturer of high-quality standard parts, hot runner and control systems and selected workshop equipment. More than 21,000 customers all over the world make use of the numerous advantages of standardisation and benefit from the company's over 50 years of experience in working with steel. The permanent availability of products makes Meusburger the reliable and global partner for die, mould, and jigs and fixtures construction.

High-precision standard parts by Meusburger optimise the entire process chain. With the consistent use of high-quality standard parts, you can benefit from a large cost-saving potential in die, mould, and jigs and fixtures construction and the subsequent production of parts. All plates and bars by Meusburger are heat treated for stress relief and therefore provide a reliable basis for high-grade moulds, dies, and jigs and fixtures.

Short lead times

Via state-of-the-art production lines and well designed processes, the products arrive at the industry's largest standard parts warehouse for plates and accessories. The in-house quality assurance ensures consistently high quality of all products. The optimised logistics chain guarantees short lead times (24 resp. 48 hours).


Only the best is good enough

Reliability is a top priority at Meusburger. That’s why guaranteeing consistently high product quality is especially important to us. This starts with the selection of the right raw materials, because only the most renowned steelworks can be considered as suppliers. The spectral analysis is carried out on the Meusburger premises. Only flawless steel that has been heat treated for stress relief makes it through our quality check and ultimately to our customers. This guarantees you excellent tool steel.


Outstanding Service

At Meusburger the range of products and services is continuously adapted to meet the customers' needs. Through easy ordering options, continuous availability of the products, short lead times and a reduced number of suppliers, the customer can save time and money. Clearly arranged and informative sales documents as well as top service provided by a competent team of in-house and field sales staff perfectly complete the service package.

Hot runner and control systems ensure reliability

Meusburger offers hot runner systems and control systems from the product brand PSG. The high-quality products are developed, produced and tested under practical conditions in the Viernheim and Seckach locations. With our know-how, we guarantee highest quality.


A wide range of industry knowledge and more than 50 years of experience in the plastic industry are available to customers. Whether in the automotive or medical industry or in the areas of consumption, transport packaging and caps and closures – wherever temperatures or pressure are regulated, Meusburger is there with their hot runner and control systems from the product brand PSG.


Fact box | Turnover in 2018: 308 million EUR | Catalogue items:  93,000 - 97% availability | Products: standard parts and workshop equipment for making dies, moulds, jigs and fixtures; hot runners and control systems | Customers: more than 21.000 all over the world | Sales branches in: India, China, Turkey, the U.S. and Mexico | Members of staff: 1.700