Since 1970, Aerotech has designed and manufactured the highest performance motion control and positioning systems for our customers in industry, government, science, and research institutions around the world.


Aerotech’s positioning stages range from economical ball-screw and gear-driven linear and rotary stages to the highest performance direct-drive linear and rotary stages available; linear-motor-based Cartesian gantry systems; single and multi-axis air-bearing systems; and our complete range of nanopositioning stages.

Motion controls include our award-winning Automation 3200 32-axis software-based machine controller, and our Soloist series single-axis and Ensemble series multi-axis stand-alone motion controllers. Aerotech also manufactures a large selection of high-performance brushless linear and rotary servomotors and drives, galvo scanners, hexapods, goniometers, gimbals and optical mounts, piezo stages, and custom motion subsystems.


If you don’t find a standard product suitable for your application, our expertise and ability to provide custom motion components and systems is unmatched in the industry.

Our custom manufacturing ability is further enhanced by our long history of providing systems for vacuum and cleanroom operation. Aerotech’s commitment to consistently advancing our product and value-added service capabilities is summed up in our motto Dedicated to the Science of Motion"

Aerotech provides:  

  • The lowest cost of ownership
  • Highest throughput
  • Highest accuracy
  • Best return on investment