Vision  &  Robotics  for  Food  &  Flowers

Welcome to Aris B.V. Eindhoven


Aris is an independent company, specialized in the development of advanced software for system specific machine vision applications within the horticulture and food sectors. Combined, Aris employees have more than 100 years ┬┤Machine Vision'- experience.

As from the late 80┬┤s, Aris has produced Machine Vision Systems for the control and handling of natural products. At present, more then 1.000 Aris Machine Vision Systems are operational in more then 50 different applications worldwide.

Every hour Aris Machine Vision Systems inspect more than 5 million products using smart interpretation of more than 15 million images!

In order to achieve optimum performance, Aris collaborates closely with the best production line machine manufacturers, 60% of which for horticultural applications and 40% for the food sector.

For many years, Aris has enjoyed a fruitful working relationship with a wide variety of satisfied customers.

Grading Potplant

All kind of (pot)plants can be graded by Aris' machine vision systems.

In particular, Aris became an Orchid grading specialist! 

Sorting Young Plants

From germinated seedlings to potted young plants, Aris has worked with Flier System to grade and sort young plants in breeding and production.


Grading Poultry

The AQS-system was the first of it's kind that could learn to grade and sort chickens. It has been replaced by the Marel Iris system which can inspect at speeds upto 18.000 products per hour, from tiny defects to missing parts or skin defects. It is deployed world wide.

Meat inspection is an area where Aris has developed a large know how.

Plant Phenotyping

Aris offers advanced imaging systems to help plant researchers to phenotype plants. A camera system can measure important parameters like size, biomass, number of leafs and  more. This helps breeders select the right type of plants.

For ornamental plants Phenotyping can help to select plants that show the most desirable flower patterns.

In the USA a system is used by the Purdue university to phenotype plants up to 4 meters tall.


Aris was the first to offer an automated robot for cutting and potting of pot roses. Today Aris cameras are used as the eyes of other robotic systems to harvest or handle natural products.