Wageningen UR - Agro Food Robotics

Intuitively, agriculture and robotics hardly seem to match. But appearances can be deceitful. For, agriculture worldwide faces tremendous challenges, such as food production, climate change, and animal welfare. To meet these challenges, the possibilities of robotics can hardly be ignored.


That's why scientists from Wageningen UR have been working on agrorobotic solutions for decades. Within the field of robotics, they have their own approach.Others develop robots first, and then search for an application. At Wageningen University and Research  the process starts with the need for innovation in the application field. This need may lead to a solution that requires the use robotics. The development of new technology starts there and is driven by a solid team of technicians and scientists, often together with external partners.


Agro Food Robotics is a joint initiative of the  several research groups of Wageningen University and Research. It has been set up to provide the technology and knowledge needed by producers and suppliers in the area of agro food robotics. Agro Food Robotics has a large network of universities, knowledge organizations and engineering companies within and outside. The Netherlands therefore plays a pivoting role in the coordination of supply and demand of agro food robotics knowledge and technology.







The expertise of WUR is in all three of the robotics disciplines: 'sense', ‘control’ and 'act'. This is combined with the domain knowledge of livestock, arable farming, horticulture, & post-harvest handling.


Examples are:

* Vision-guided robotics for harvesting of fruits and vegetables.

* Machine learning techniques for identification of agrifood product

* Hyperspectral imaging and data-processing for smart produce handling with understanding of their natural variation

* Deep learning tools and image segmentation for automated sorting of produce.

* High-level control and motion planning for automated harvesting

* Autonomous driving tractors for precision agriculture.

* Drones, fixed wing airplanes and UAVs for remote sensing applications in precision agriculture.