Leading supplier of consumable parts for semi, LED, silicon & solar market

Schunk Xycarb Technology (SXT) has been a highly dedicated and leading global organization for nearly 40 years. We provide integrated packages of consumable parts made of quartz, graphite and ceramics for the semiconductor, LED, silicon and solar industry.  


Additionally, refurbishment & repair services are available to support cost of ownership optimization. All our activities are served from the perspective to provide:

Pure Excellence.


SXT is part of the Schunk Group, an international technology group employing around 8,600 people in 29 countries. 


SXT has facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Singapore, China, Korea and Taiwan.

Schunk Xycarb Technology offers:


  • World-class CVD coating technology, one of three major players worldwide
  • Complete range of wafer processing consumable products enabling low cost of ownership
  • High-precision ceramic machining capabilities meeting the most demanding specifications
  • Global sales and distribution network providing localized logistics
  • Continuous innovation and investment in new materials and technologies through our own research & development facilities
  • Engineering service providing tailored application-driven solutions 

Schunk Xycarb Technology's significance as an employer:


With an international team of over 400 dedicated professionals we contribute to the production of devices that we all use in everyday life such as computers, game consoles, cars and mobile phones.  


We are always looking for new talent to deliver what we stand for:
Pure Excellence.



‘Working on solutions together gives me great satisfaction’   

Hielke, Product Engineer. What he enjoys most is working directly with customers - together with a team of specialized colleagues.



‘To deliver a product today that the customer will ask for tomorrow’   

Bjorn, Process Engineer. He likes to view the process from the product's perspective - what happens to the product as it passes through the manufacturing steps?



‘When you go forward, the company goes forward’   

Having been trained on metalworking it was a challenge for operator Ricardo to work with graphite. By developing his skills he discovered his added value to the company.