Leading supplier of consumable Semi, LED, Silicon & Solar parts

Schunk Xycarb Technology is for more than 38 years a highly dedicated and leading global organization. We provide integrated packages of certified consumable parts of Quartz, Graphite and Ceramics plus related services in the Semiconductor, LED, Silicon growing and Solar industry.  


Additionally, refurbishment & repair services are available to support optimization of your cost of ownership programs. All our activities are served from the perspective to provide Pure Excellence.


Xycarb is part of the Schunk Group, an international technology group employing around 8,200 people in 29 countries. Xycarb has facilities in the Netherlands, US, Singapore, China, Korea and Taiwan.

Xycarb provides:

  • Complete range of wafer processing consumable products and services enabling low Total Cost of Ownership
  • World-class CVD coating technology one of the three major players worldwide
  • High-precision ceramic machining capabilities meeting the most demanding specifications
  • Global sales and distribution network providing optimized and localized logistics
  • Continuous innovation and investment in new technologies and materials, through our own Research & Development facilities
  • Customer Engineering Service providing tailored application driven solutions 

Xycarb Product Groups:

Single Wafer and Batch EPI

  • Full range of SiC coated graphite and Quartz ware for leading tool OEMs 
  • Tailored parts optimized for high-end wafer specifications enabling new market windows
  • Local Quartz repair and reconditioning services


  • Coated graphite for all major tools Improved uniformity through recess optimization
  • Life time improvement through actual performance analysis


  • Full range of CVD SIC, graphite, Quartz and lamps for OEM tools 
  • Low mass products for better uniformity and higher throughput

Silicon growing

  • Cost optimization for crystal growing


  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced carrier systems