Molenaar Optics offers engineering- and optical design support for applications with optical components and opto-mechanics with standard and custom-made parts. Optics include a large selection of high-quality lenses, mirrors, prisms, polarizers and filters. Multi-element lenses range from laser objectives for materials processing to telecentric camera lenses for machine-vision. Opto-mechanical products embrace a unique range of holders and bases for optics as well as manual- and motorized positioning systems. A series of diode-laser modules enables beam alignment. An extensive range of stage micrometers, counting chambers and reticles is available for microscopes and other devices. We also calibrate and repair profile projectors. 


  OptoSigma - Optical Components


    OptoSigma - Opto-Mechanics,

      Holders, Bases and Stages

      OptoSigma - Motion Control


        Sill Optics - Laser Optics


   Sill Optics - Machine Vision Optics

       Graticules Optics - Reticles

    Alignment Diode Laser Modules

     Profile Projector / Comparator

        Calibration and Repair 

         Graticules Optics - Stage

        Micrometers and Counting