Production lines for sensors and optics

IMS production automation

IMS is an experienced partner in developing and building automated production lines for world's leaders in small sensors, actuators and optics. Examples of such products are micro-optics used in smart devices and sensors used in automobiles. 

These products are innovative, can be mature or can be at an early stage in their life cycle and have significant growth potential. 

Optimizing the customers' production

We use the customers' knowledge and specifications to identify the necessary process steps and assess the manufacturability of their products with these processes. In order to verify the good functioning of these processes, we use test set-ups, prototypes and simulation tools. The results form a reliable starting point for developing a production line. 

Production lines

Our production lines are scalable in capacity, capable of a high-mix and flexible in layout. When developing a production line, we combine our existing knowledge with technology that is available on the market. We use our knowledge and broad experience in various manufacturing technologies to deliver the best possible production lines.

Professionals with a shared passion

Our team consists of 120 professionals with a shared passion for technology and a sincere commitment to making every project a success. We offer plenty of  challenging work for experienced and graduate technicians especially in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and technical physics.  

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