Single Piece Fabrication | Single Piece Assembly



Tonasco is a Dutch-owned contract manufacturer, with operating head office and production facilities in Malaysia, and sales office in the Netherlands.


We specialize in Single Piece production of high precision parts and modules for custom machineries.


Single Piece Fabrication 

 - 5-axis CNC-Milling & CNC-Lathe 

We are able to produce complex milled and turned parts with tolerances up to ±0.01mm.

 - Wire-EDM & Sink-EDM

We are able to produce tooling parts with tolerances up to ±0.002mm.


Single Piece Assembly 

We focus in 3 segments of Production Automation Technology:

 - Handling & Positioning Modules

 - Forming & Cutting Modules

 - Fastening & Joining Modules


Excellent Quality

Our stringent In-Process QC policy allows us to achieve high yield at the final QC inspection with predictable quality. Our policy is to perform 100% QC on all the dimensions of a part.


High Precision

We regularly produce high precision complex parts tolerances up to ±0.002mm from high-end milling to lower-end milling, we select the right range of machines that yields the most optimal output: the parts are within specification and the price remains competitive.


Dynamic Capacity

Having an effective supply chain management and production planning ensure our capacity always remains dynamic. As a result, we are able to cope with multiple big projects concurrently for high mix of Single Piece parts fabrication and modules.