Atmospheric Plasma Solutions for Surface Treatment

 TIGRES GmbH , founded in 1993 , is since 2013 located in Marschacht (east of Hamburg). 


We develop, produce and sell atmospheric plasma solutions and components.

Based on our  high-performance atmospheric-plasma-jet systems

 Plasma MEFmulti & Plasma CAT



and our classic corona-type-systems

     Corona DBD  &   Corona T-Jet


we actually offer more than 30  plasma-tools and systems, which are optimized for different markets & applications.


 All systems are equipped with our new modular powersupply-generation with integrated microcontroler which offers numerous options for parameter settings, process control, system diagnostics and remote control.

   (Plasma T-Spot500, Bj.2018)


During 2016/17 we added a serial interface to  our new powersupply generation.
In 2018 we introduced the new  Plasma T-Spot-series 

Our plasmasystems are used for:

- Activation of polymers for increased adhesion properties


- Precision cleaning & degreasing of metal surfaces


- Deposition of functional plasma-polymer-coatings (diffusionbarrier, anti-corrosion, adhesion-promotion,..) 

For integration of our systems in complex production lines we cooperate with strategic partners in the field of Industrial automatisation.


In cooperation with several scientific institutes we can co-develop new solutions and special configurations for new markets&applications.



Sample treatment and proces development is possible  in our  central lab & at our Benelux-office PlaToS Consulting (also HighTech-guide-member) 

PlaToS Consulting also supports our service&support intensive R&D-programs at our clients sites in whole Europe.

Some solutions and examples:

Corona T-Jet applications:

Labeling, Tampo-printing,...


 DBD-Corona applications:

systems for sheets, film, plates


Plasma-Jets for extrusion-lines:

(profiles, cable, wire, roving,...)


 Plasma MEFmulti 7-XXX:

Plasma-activation for digital HiRes-printing (e.g. smartcards,...) and prior  to topcoating  on printed cards


 Just contact us to discuss the possibilities to realize your own application-idea:

your Benelux-contact

       Dr. Ralf Greger

       mobile: + 32 474 572635

       (languages: NL, D, EN)