Atmospheric Plasma Solutions for Surface Treatment

TIGRES GmbH (close to Hamburg) is a technology leader for atmospheric plasma solutions.

We offer 3  atmospheric-plasma-jet systems:  MEF, CAT & T-Spot
and our classic corona-type-systems

DBD-Corona & Corona T-Jet

Those plasmatools are available in numerous configurations and  dimensions for different markets & applications.

NEW : the M-series powersupply:

 We call it 'Atmospheric Plasma 4.0': Numerous options for parameter settings, process control, (remote) system diagnostics, data logging, predictive maintenance, up to 4 even different plasma-tools connected and controlled by one powersupply.

Our plasmasystems are used for:

- Activation of polymers for increased adhesion properties


- Precision cleaning & degreasing of metal surfaces


- Deposition of functional plasma-polymer-coatings (diffusionbarrier, anti-corrosion, adhesion-promotion,..)
- Deburring of polymer parts 

For integration of our systems in complex production lines we cooperate with strategic partners in the field of Industrial automatisation.


In cooperation with several scientific institutes we can co-develop new solutions and special configurations for new markets&applications.



Sample treatment and proces development is possible  in our  central lab & at our Benelux-office PlaToS Consulting (also HighTech-guide-member) 

PlaToS Consulting also supports our service&support intensive R&D-programs at our clients sites in whole Europe.

Some solutions and examples:

Corona T-Jet applications:

Labeling, Tampo-printing,...


 DBD-Corona applications:

systems for sheets, film, plates


Plasma-Jets for extrusion-lines:

(profiles, cable, wire, roving,...)


 Plasma MEFmulti 7-XXX:

Plasma-activation for digital HiRes-printing (e.g. smartcards,...) and prior  to topcoating  on printed cards


 Just contact us to discuss the possibilities to realize your own application-idea:

your Benelux-contact

  Dr. Ralf Greger
  Senior Plasma Proces Specialist

   mobile: + 32 474 572635

    (languages: NL, D, EN)