We help you to produce with 'Zero Defects'

Turn-key Solutions


LabVIEW software forms the core of our turn-key solutions. The software is made to grow with the application and easy to use for operators, engineers and supervisors.

Averna is a turn-key solutions provider and builds fully customized test, measurement and inspection systems. Precision assembly systems with the right level of automation are developed for local and international customers. The machines that we develop are a refined mixture of software, electrics, electronics, mechanics, hydraulics and optics. Our solutions support our customers processes and personnel so they can produce their products with the highest quality. We cooperate with our customers in an open and innovative way from initial problem definition up to the final delivery and beyond. This way or working ensures that our applications integrate seamlessly in the customers environment.


Solutions to Improve Quality

An increasingly stringent quality control is essential to any successful competition strategy. Testing and measuring equipment are indispensable tools to achieve this goal.

Many devices become smaller and smaller and need more accurate inspection tools. For operators it becomes increasingly difficult to inspect or assemble these products correctly and consistently over a long period of time. Our inspection and assembly machines alleviate the burden on these people resulting in higher end-product quality, less rejected products and therefore a higher yield. Start saving money today!

Worldwide Support

We have 11 offices worldwide to support our international customers in their language and timezone.


Averna designs and builds solutions  used in product development as well as in the production line.

Some examples:

  • Automated print head assembly, testing and calibration
  • MEMS testing
  • Machine Vision systems from fast label inspection to complex defect detection
  • PCB functional testing
  • Active Alignment tools
  • RF testing and signal generation
  • RF record and playback tools
  • Products for infotainment unit testing
  • Products for DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 testing
  • ...