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Maypa Technological Innovations develops and manufactures high performance nano-microscopy and optical position sensing equipment.


Maypa offers a personalized service and produces standard, tailor made, and fully customized products.


Maypa is world leader in High-Speed and Low-Noise optical position sensing technology aided to probe the nano-environment, and has a track record of being an innovator for products based on a solid foundation of advancing technologies.


Based on our philosophy that efficient instrumentation is a careful mix of technology, utilization, and economical aspects we have developed the atomScope®.


At the basis the atomScope is a cost efficient research grade Atomic Force Microscope that is supercharged with a 30 MHz optical position detector together with a supreme user friendly utilization.


The high speed low noise detector allows a significantly deeper investigation of the tip sample interface than any other AFM today, inspiring academia, pharmacy and life-science pioneers to investigate the nanoscopic environment at a whole new deeper interaction level.


To aid molecular, and particularly medical related science in its progress, atomScope has a royalty free open hard and software interface allowing anyone to freely explore, develop, and utilize novelties that the deeper interaction technology forwards.

  • Small Portable AFM
  • 30 MHz High Speed Low Noise Detector.
  • 30 x 30 x 7um scanner with atomic resolution.
  • Integrated Optical Microscope.

  • 500nm optical resolution.
  • Darkfield, EPI Illumination.
  • Open Hardware Interface.
  • Open C# software Interface.
  • 3D Parameterized Curve Scanning (Programmable).
  • Optimum economic efficiency.

Microscopy from the Netherlands.


Maypatech and Atomscope technology is designed, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. 


Our facility is located in Baarle-Nassau, Brabant, where we have an in house 2,500 sq ft laboratory dedicated to prototyping and custom product design.