We engineer from source to process 

About Teesing


Since 1952, Teesing BV has been known as the international supplier of connection technology, with an emphasis on providing advice, supported by an in-house
engineering department and an ISO class 4 cleanroom. With offices in Rijswijk (the Netherlands), Beijing (China), New Jersey (USA), and Zhubei City (Taiwan), Teesing can serve its clients across the globe.


Why Teesing?

Extensive knowledge in applications
Our experienced sales engineers can advise you on any application.

  Innovative Engineering entity
In close co-operation with the customer and supported by the latest technology,Teesing can develop the right products and assemblies for your specific requirements.


 • Product independent
Teesing is product independent and will always advice you with the best solution for your application.


• International supplier of high quality products

• Exclusive Global Partnerships
We have exclusive partnerships in Europe, USA and Asia to deliver you the best products at the right price.


• Customer focused
We are willing to adapt to customer requirements. We are interested in your specific application to ensure you acquire the best products and support

Ultra high purity components & equipments


High quality components and sub-assemblies such as: piping, valves,
tubing, manifolds, assemblies, and systems are supplied to semiconductor toolmakers and meet the stringent demands of the semiconductor industry. Double packed and produced under cleanroom conditions.


Special features for the semiconductor industry include: minimal dead space in valves and fittings, minimal use of specific lubricants, cleaned and highly polished stainless steel, radial mounting, compression fittings
weld fittings, diaphragm valves, purifiers, mass flow controllers,
pressure sensors, specific cleanroom solutions and more!

Teesing Cleanroom and Leanlifts


Teesing can deliver its products and assemblies clean and double-packed according to client specific requirements. A number of leanlifts have been conditioned and are overpressured; (assembled) products are stored here for our clients in the semiconductor and mechatronics industries.