Connecting the dots to make your system work!


   steeRED Technology,


founded by experienced industry professionals, is an interconnection solutions provider. We serve our customers with high mix, low volume connectors, cable assemblies and flex assemblies. In many cases we use our standard building blocks to allow low volume custom configured products making work easier, better or more productive. 




               Our goal in life:


Development and production of interconnection systems making life of our customers easier. 



                  Our products:
  • Copper wire based cabling systems.

  • Plastic and glass Fiber Optic cables and systems.

  • Semiconductors and sensor test-fixtures and systems.

  • Foil based interconnect solutions.

  • Cables for VME, CPCI & VPX backplanes.

  • (Ultra)-Miniature Microwave interconnects.



               Our organisation:


In 's-Hertogenbosch we do have our engineering, prototyping and testing capabilities. Higher volumes are produced in our S2C Elec plant in France.

Also we work together with carefully selected partners in the USA and Taiwan in order to have access to those technologies which can make the difference for our customers. 



              Our Experience:


Our team has over 100 years of experience with interconnect systems in copper, fiber and related.