Titan Technologies, for all your cleaning and soldering needs!

Titan Technologies is a young but experienced company providing services to the manufacturing industry in general and the electronics assembly industry in particular. We are specialized in cleaning and soldering applications.

As a distributor of                       CCHydronsonics and Riebesam,

we provide a wide range of cleaning solutions covering all possible cleaning processes. 


Our philosophy is to provide total solutions to our customers. Our vast experience allows us to seek the best solution to your production issues.

Our well-equipped applications laboratory is at your disposal in order to find the right cleaning process or to optimize your current one.


Furthermore we manufacture stencil cleaning equipment for the electronics assembly industry. These stencil cleaners vary from fully manual single ultrasonic cleaner to fully automated triple tank equipment.


On request we are designing and building the cleaning equipment you require for your special applications. This type of equipment can use ultrasonics, spray under immersion and/or spray in air technology.



Finally we are proud to present our own product: Solder Paste Test Kit. This is a portable test kit which allows solder paste users to test the quality of their solder paste. Measurements such as hot and cold slump, solderballing and wetting are achieved within minutes giving a clear picture of solder paste quality.

The MICROPAC FS Series has been designed to offer quality construction low solvent emissions and ease of maintenance. This degreaser is designed for use with non-flammable solvents. The proposed system is configured as follows



  • Floor standing compact design
  • Build in bund tray
  • 304 SUS (mirror finish) tanks
  • 304 SUS (brush finish) case
  • Integrated Water Separator
  • Easily movable with castors
  • Tiny Carbon Footprint
  • PLC Controlled
  • Nominal Work Basket Dimensions                      250mm x 200mm x 250mm
  • Manual Sealing Lid
  • 220 Volt 
  • Small Footprint
  • CE Certified






Primary Cleaning Sump:

  • Low watts density heater matt incorporating high temperature cut off
  • Maximum Capacity: 22.5 Litres
  • Manually Operated Drain Valve

 Immersion Sump Features

  • Crests Ultrasonic Transducers operating at 40 kHz, 500 Watt
  • Low liquid level safety heater shut off
  • Maximum Capacity: 22.5 Litres
  • Manually Operated Drain Valve

 Freeboard Zone

  • 100% Freeboard ration to minimize solvent loss
  • 4 Sided Refrigerated Condensing Coils connected to a single compressor
  • Independent water separator housing
  • Manual removal of water via ball valve
  • High vapor temperature sensor