TB&C Technology GmbH

Hybrid high engineered components and systems

for automotive, medical and industry.


Since its beginnings in 2004 as a carve-out of Philips Germany, TB&C has seen a rapid development. Originally only supplying components for automotive playback systems (cd and dvd players) to Philips, the group is now a leading supplier of hybrid (sub) assemblies to a variety of first tier automotive suppliers and OEM’s in automotive, medical and industrial applications.


As TB&C has developed a range of (partly proprietary) designs for sunroof components, most notably the integrated wind deflector, it has won a series of platforms, supplied by her first tier clients to automotive OEM’s. With these products, TB&C has been able to not only replace the entire volume originally produced for Philips, but also to organically grow her turnover with European clients with a contracted volume.


TB&C is having local production plants in Germany, China, Mexico and Romania to be first and second-tier and to keep up with the fast growing market.







Business Development at present is focused on client and market diversification improvement. For this purpose in August 2014 a new Profit Center has been formed called

“TB&C Technology GmbH"


 “Outsert” is a term originally coined within Philips to describe an engineering method, where metal is not used as reinforcement inside a plastic hull (“insert”), but where the plastic functional elements are attached to the outside (“outsert”) of a metal chassis. The combination is called a “hybrid” product because of the combination of materials.


The Hybrid Technology combines the benefits of the materials metal and plastic to reduce or completely eliminate the disadvantages of each one alone. Outsert molding unites in one process bending and punching of metal base plates with injection molding of functional elements from engineering plastics. Even moving parts can be attached to the metal base plate in one shot. Thanks to high precision tooling the production process is simple.













TB&C Technology GmbH is characterized by:

- Hybrid solutions

- Highly integrated production   processes

- Complex functions of the elements

- High precision and reproduction ability of the assemblies


Specific application areas for Outsert technology are:


- High precision automotive parts

- Weight reduction

- Chassis applications with high  demands to stability

- Integration of electro-mechanical functions

- Substitution of die-cast metal parts (aluminum / magnesium)

 - Substitution of heavy duty steel parts (welded, thick punched, machined, forged)

- Substitution of full plastic parts with stability or strength issues

- High precision / low cost joint constructions


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