SOLIDSCAPE 3D printers, when precision counts !
About us :

Trace3Dprinter, a division of Trace Digital Europe NV, located in Deurne

(Antwerp), Belgium is Authorized Distributor in the Benelux for the Solidscape 3D wax printers.

Through our strong technical support and maintenance team, with over 15 years of experience in high-end printers and copiers, technically trained in the US at the Solidscape Headquarters, we can probably offer you the best available assistance.

From Inspiration to Finished design :

The Solidscape 3Z and S300 wax printer brings the jeweler’s bench to the retail shop where users of any technical level can produce their own intricate wax patters, ready for casting.

The 3Z Studio marries the passion of fine jewelry design with the power of high precision.

The S350 brings extra throughput with an even higher precision.

The S390 delivers significant production gains for precision designs in jewelry and industrial manufacturing applications.

Superior Casting results

S- and 3Z- “Model and Support”- materials produce extremely smooth jewelry wax patterns that accurately reproduce the most intricate of geometries without the need for manual refining. Both materials offer superior casting properties, fast meltout, no ash or residue and

no thermal expansion.

Transforming Rapid Prototyping

By incorporating Solidscape’s 3D printed wax pattern masters and mold faces into your process, the industry will be able to cut Urethane Casting production time and consistently

realizing an important cast saving !

Solidscape’s high precision 3D printed wax patterns enable the industry to accurately produce fine details and a smooth surface finish for complex geometries that have been impossible to achieve with machined parts and traditional tooling methods. Urethane casting is a prototype process for creating 1 to 1.000 prototypes of traditional plastic injection type parts.

Silicone molds are created directly from the printed wax-Masters * no finishing required * and then build urethane casts from the silicone molds. Saving an important amount of time and money compared to the conventional mold method.