Ecoclean: Industrial Parts Cleaning Solutions

Industrial Parts Cleaning

Ecoclean develops and markets products, systems and service solutions for technical cleaning applications and water-based surface treatment processes.


Automotive industry customers and their suppliers, as well as part and component manufacturers from the wider industrial market – from the medical and optical equipment sectors to aircraft construction – appreciate our technology and our services.


As a worldwide market and technology leader, we are present at production sites in Germany, Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic, the USA, Mexico, India and China with around 800 employees, where we also operate own test centers and laboratories. The Ecoclean Academy offers practical seminars and trainings either at our locations or in-house at our customers site.


A Clean Business

In industrial parts cleaning it depends on achieving the necessary cleanliness requirements for either following processes or for a high quality and functionality of the parts to be cleaned. Additionally, it is all about conducting cleaning processes in an efficient and sustainable manner. 



Innovative Cleaning Solutions

Our comprehensive range of cleaning equipment provides systems for virtually all types of cleaning tasks – for parts made of metal, plastic and glass.  

From coarse to intermediate to ultrafine cleaning, our systems do not only provide an improved cleaning quality and a higher process reliability, but also guarantee cost and resource savings in your production.




For the reliable and efficient removal of oil, grease, emulsions and swarf.

We have Vapordegreasing installations wich works with Dowclene 1601 for reaching the GRAD 2 - RGA requirements.


Cleaning with

Aqueous media

Chlorinated solvents

Non-halogenated hydrocarbons

Alternative solvents


Standard Processes

Spray cleaning

Immersion cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning

Vapour degreasing

Dry cleaning

Injection flood washing