Hositrad Vacuum Technology,

combines over 50 years of experience in vacuum and cryogenic technology. We supply standard vacuum parts CF, KF and ISO components from stock.

Product information

Hositrad Vacuum Technology·          has capabilities covering all areas starting from a standard flange up to designing a complete vacuum system, manufacturing, repair and after sales service of vacuum equipment.

We are experts in:


*Laser welding 

*Helium leak testing

*CAD design 

*Quick response time for custom made specials

*Vacuum pumping lines

*Design and building of UHV moleculair beam scattering systems


We supply the following products:

*CF-KF and ISO components 

*Linear/Rotary Feedthroughs

*Edge welded bellows


*View ports

*Glass to Metal seals


*Ferrofluidic feedthroughs

*All Metal Valves

*Angle Valves

*Gate Valves

*Ion Diode/Triode pumps 

*Titan sublimation pumps *Cryopumps and Cryostats 

*Vacuum Gauges 

*Mass Flow Meters

We represent: 

Atlas: Bi-metallic flanges and aluminum Vacuum Chambers

Why choose Aluminum?
• Low Outgassing
• Low Contamination
• High Thermal Conductivity
• Low Magnetic Permeability

Ceramtec: Ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. Hermetically sealed electrical & optical components include D-type/circular feedthroughs, multipin connectors, coaxial connectors, thermocouples, isolators, viewports and accessories.  


Alicat Scientific: Leaders in mass flow controllers and flowmeter solutions We manufacture and develop custom flow control, flow meter, and pressure solutions for both gas and liquid applications.


Extrel: Extrel is the world’s leading manufacturer of Research and Proces Mass Spectrometers, Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA’s), Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Systems and Components from 1-100 amu to 16000 amu. 


Thermionics: Manipulators, Valves, E-Guns, Ion Pumps, MBE Systems, Mechanical feedthroughs.



ARCNL Amsterdam

ASML Veldhoven

DIFFER Eindhoven

ESA Noordwijk

FOM-Nikhef Amsterdam

Thermo Fisher Scientific Eindhoven

High Voltage Amersfoort

IHI Hauzer Venlo

TNO Delft

CERN Geneva

ALBA Barcelona

DESY; XFEL Hamburg

DLR Köln

ESRF Grenoble

FZ Juelich

GSI Darmstadt

Helmholz Zentrum Berlin; 

Bessy Berlin

IMEC Leuven

IPP Garching/Greifswald

KIT Karlsruhe

PSI Villigen


Universities and Research Labs across the world.