Polyform: our contribution to your success

Polyform-Simonis @ a glance

What will be our contribution to your success?


Polyform looks back on more than 70 years of experience in the injection moulding sector. Today, we can implement this knowledge in the production of small to medium sized, thin walled, complex parts for our customers all over Europe. Thanks to the merger with Simonis Group end of 2017, our manufacturing cababilities have increased. 



A clear and open-minded communication is the only way to understand each other. Working with Polyform means that you know every member of the Polyform-team who is in charge of your project. 




Total Project Management

We offer our customers a wide range of services which can be tailored specifically to their individual needs, including:

  • Research & Development 
  • Concept Studies & Part Design
  • Prototyping 
  • Material Selection
  • Molds Design & Manufacturing
  • In-house tooling
  • Numerical Simulation
  • Molds Testing & Validation
  • Top Quality Injection Molding
  • Post Production Operations


Polyform and Simonis serve multiple markets:

  • Lighting
  • Electronic
  • Industrial
  • Domestic
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Construction
  • Aeronautic


Wasting time is not only irritating; it is also an important cost-driver. Efficient logistics, as well in the procurement and the production as in delivering, is for us a major key to build trust among our customers. Packaging to customers specifications is standard in all of our facilities. 



With our presses reaching from 6 to 700 tons of clamping force (up to 2000 tons through partners) and a well-studied automation, we are able to produce your parts in a cost-efficient way.  Our capability in moulding, over-moulding, 2K-moulding allows us to offer you a wide range of plastic parts.

Post-Production Operations:

In addition to the injection moulding, Polyform-Simonis also offer in-house secondary operations such as:  

1. Part finishing

We offer in Belgium and in China operations such as welding, gluing, painting, metallization and marking, which systematically meet or surpass our customer's expectations


2. Quality

We guarantee top quality processes which comply with the highest standards. Thanks to our ISO-certification, ISO IATF 16949, ISO 13485, ISO14001, and our high quality-management policies, we are used to working with very low dimensional tolerances.


3. Clean Room

For either injection molding or parts conditioning for cases in which a low level of environmental polluants is required, we have a certified clean-room (ISO 7 Grade C). 

4. Sub-Assembly 

Our highly skilled staff and our automated robots can flawlessly handle insert placements and parts/kits assembling operations.



We, at Polyform and Simonis, want to contribute to your success. The entire Polyform-team is ready to develop the parts with you which will enable you to be more successful.