Hittech Group

Hittech Group is a Full Service System Supplier that acts as a 1st tier supplier and partner of OEM companies and which is controlled from a small holding, form a solid unity. They strengthen each other with their different competences. 


Our main markets are: 

- Medical 

- Semicon 

- Measurement & Analysis

- Packaging

Our corecompetences are:

> Development of mechatronic 

 and optical products

> Value Engineering

> Assembly of mechtronic products

> Precision machining of hard, soft and high-performance materialen

> Surface treatments

> Aluminium Casting 

> High performance alloys 

> 3D printing of metals

> Project management 

> Supply chain management. 

Hittech Group subsidiaries are:

Hittech Systems: Hittech

Multin, Hittech Prontor, Hittech Comac,Hittech Assembly Malaysia

Hittech Machining: Hittech

Bihca, Hittech MPP, Hittech Wemac,

Hittech Prontor, Hittech Machining & Assembly inc

Hittech Materials: Hittech

Gieterij Nunspeet, RSP Technology