High Precision Manufacturing & 3D Metal Printing

For over 50 years Melotte focuses on development and manufacturing of precision engineered solutions for industries which place high demands on both quality of the product and manufacturing quality assurance. The company is a member of the Picanol Group and supplies prototypes, verification series and (small) production series.

Melotte represents conventional machining, meaning controlled material removal processes, as well as Additive Manufacturing, more specifically 3D Printing in metal

Today Melotte is known world wide as the first Digital Factory in the world.

Melotte is known for its technological front end innovations in both local and international markets with expertise in the field of aerospace, nuclear, petrochemical, dental, medical,pharmaceutical, food, semi-conductor and renewable energyas competence center for R&D, Product Design, Manufacturing Processes and Innovative Solutions. 

Melotte applies state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing your parts using: 


  • 5-Axis Milling 
  • CNC turning
  • CNC grinding
  • Spark & wire EDM
  • 3D metal printing
  • Optical 3D Scanning 


Besides 3D Metal Printing and High Precision Manufacturing, what more can Melotte do for you? 

Melotte has a proven track record of solving process and tooling problems. Melotte’s expertise in combining 3D Metal Printing and High Precision Manufacturing helps determine the best approach with the best possible outcome. 

Are you eager to explore the applications of 3D Printing, know how to use 3D Modeling Software and learn how to create a printable design for 3D Printing, From solid to functional part? Melotte offers CAD Design, CAM Programming, 3D Design training and 3D Optical Scanning.

Optical Scanning means capturing the physical shape of any object and converting it into a digital format. This non contact digitizing is done with Melotte’s blue light scanner which offers great flexibility. Data obtained from freeform surfaces are highly accurate, fast and can be processed for reverse engineering, rapid machining and quality control.